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Sapoh - Exfoliating Body Scrub


Pronounced: Sah-Poh

Is an exfoliating wash cloth found in every Ghanaian home. Made with nylon, the fibers are weaved in a diamond pattern and knotted, to provide the best exfoliating experience. Used by young and old, the daily use of the exfoliating Sapoh keeps skin feeling clean and renewed. Great for removing dead skin, and keeping skin soft and smoth. By using the Sapoh daily, the constant exfoliation will allow your moisturizers to work more effectively.

Easy to use, either roll your salpha into a ball or fold it over a few times until you have a comfortable size in your hand, add soap and scrub away. Once your done, rinse well and hang to dry. That’s it. Super easy. You can even us it length wise, to scrub hard to reach areas like your back. Available in a vartery of colors and sources directly from Ghana, Tayfua’s Sapoh’s are your next new favorite shower excessory.

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